Being Environmentally Friendly with Natural Flea Repellent

The world’s focus has turned to being much more environmentally friendly. We have organically grown foods and the idea of being green has seeped into every walk of life. The thought of using a natural flea repellent has been around for some time and has existed as a viable option for many years. Although more people don’t use it, it is a healthier and safer option than the chemicals or prescriptions that most people use. Green options are usually avoided when it comes to most things, because they require a greater investment of time and people prefer to just pop a magical pill to solve the immediate problem.
Controlling fleas naturally is a process that is done every day. Building up your dog’s immune system will go a long way in helping him resist diseases, as well as protect against all sorts of parasites. Eating properly might be more expensive, but you will have a healthier dog in the long run. You will find that your dog will enjoy healthy food, more than preservative packed junk. Treats come in all varieties and finding healthy all natural ones will help promote their ability to fight off ailments.
Even with a strong diet, your dog can still become infested with fleas, but there are environmentally safe alternatives to giving them medication or spraying them with chemicals. Many scents found in nature will repel fleas and unlike stinky chemicals they provide a refreshing scent that is a benefit all its own. The oil from the neem tree has been found to house all sorts of beneficial chemicals and in lab tests has been found to drastically reduce the amount of fleas on an animal. Of course, you need to make sure you keep a clean house and yard in additional to a clean pet or the fleas will just continue to infest the animal.
A Natural flea repellent when combined with a proper diet and clean house will work just as effectively as any pills or chemicals that are available on the market. The only difference is the amount of time and effort. There won’t be a natural miracle cure to get rid of fleas that works in six hours, but if you build up a solid immune system and make use of natural scents like lavender or neem oil, you can have the same effect. Of course, these practices benefit your dog in many other ways and will help it lead a happy and long life.

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