Dealing with Flea Bites

Some bug bites are possibly lethal and need to be checked out by a doctor almost immediately; flea bites on humans do not carry this level of concern, but they are one of the most frustrating afflictions as they always come in multiples and the itching can drive a person crazy. The worst part is that these bites are not isolated incidents and if they are appearing when you awaken in the morning, it is because your home is currently undergoing a flea infestation and you need to deal with that problem, after you deal with the annoying urge to itch like crazy.
Most of the time flea bites are just frustrating and a test of your willpower, but both dog fleas and sand fleas have the ability to carry deadly bacteria; for this reason, you need to make sure that you thoroughly clean where the bites are. It is important to use cold water when doing this, because warm water will just foster the desire to itch. The cold will help reduce any swelling as well as help prepare the skin for the cold pack. A cold pack will help remove any swelling that remains and partially numb the skin reducing the urge to itch.
Scratching will cause the skin to become inflamed and tender. 1% hydrocortisone cream will help with bites that you couldn’t resist itching or were unconsciously scratching while you were sleeping and have become red and painful. The intense itching can be dealt with use of either a topical cream or oral anti-histamine. Calamine lotion is the preferred topical method of reducing itching. Chlortrimeton or Dimetapp is an effective oral treatment to remove the itch. Flea bites generally only last a few hours, but can often be replaced by new ones. The only way to tell if you have gotten something worse, is if the bumps grow larger or begin discharging pus; in this case, you will want to make a trip to the doctor.
While not a life threatening ailment, flea bites can be very irritating and test your willpower when it comes to not scratching. By employing the above methods you can reduce the desire to itch and let the healing begin that much sooner. Of course, you also get to employ revenge on the small parasites as you decide by what method you will exterminate them. Even simple remedies like vacuuming can stall an infestation while you decide which style of parasite eradication you want to employ.

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