Dog Flea Treatment – How To Get Rid Of Fleas On A Dog

There are two routes you can take for dog flea treatment. There is the chemical treatment which is the store bought treatment. Then there is the natural treatment using ingredients that are very common and you may have them in your pantry already.
Coupled with whatever treatment you decide on, one thing that is a must is to make sure that your dog’s environment is cleaned thoroughly. This will mean your carpets, the dog house and your bedding needs to be cleaned.
Vacuum your carpets for three days in a row then often for a month following. Wash your bedding. Add four drops of peppermint, eucalyptus or cedar oils to your wash. Wash your floors with any of the mentioned oils in water, twenty drops to one gallon of water.
Fleas can lay dozens of eggs daily and when they hatch under the right conditions they can jump back onto your dog and you. They can cause skin irritation and make your dog quite sick. Fleas can also exist outside and can jump onto your dog from other dogs, so maintaining a regular dog flea treatment is a must.
Chemical flea treatments are known to be very toxic for your dog nowadays and there are reports of dogs dying from treatments. If a dog has a weakened immune system then chemical dog flea treatments are a highly risky treatment. Flea collars on an impaired dog can also be toxic to their kidneys and liver.
Fleas tend to go for weaker hosts so building up your dogs health might be also part of your plan. Items such as probiotics, small amounts of garlic added to their diet, small amounts of apple cidar vinegar added to their water, and brewers yeast added to their meat will help in this respect.
Natural dog flea treatments may take a bit more fussing around but you can be assured that your dogs health will be maintained. You can go the apple cidar route and then the lemon juice route.
For the apple cidar dog flea treatment you will need 1/3rd apple cidar vinegar and 2/3rds water. Shampoo your dog as normal and then pour the solution over your dog and then dry as per normal. Your dog won’t smell like apple cidar vinegar to you but only to the fleas who won’t want to be near it. After that you can steep a cut up lemon in eight ounces of water for a day then pour into a spray bottle and squirt onto the dogs coat and comb through.
Comb the dog’s fur with a flea comb, this will dislodge the fleas. Be sure to comb dog’s with long fur or matted fur at this will be a breeding ground for fleas.
Keep your dog regularly groomed. By building up your dog’s health through dietary supplements then come the warmer weather you will have a dog flea treatment routine whereby the fleas won’t populate your dog. By keeping your house clean with essential oils they won’t want to reside there either.

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