Flea Removal – Dog Flea Treatment

Fleas are parasites that feed on blood from humans, dog, cats, and other animals. They are free spirited and great sprinters which explain how they end up at your home. Dog fleas are medically defined as Siphonaptera.
In order to ensure that your dog flea treatment is effective, you need to spread the activity over a few phases such as cleaning up your home and consecutively also flea extermination for your dog and eventually ensuring that you do not suffer from re-infestation at home.

Flea Foggers and Flea Bombs For Complete Flea Extermination

When faced with a flea infestation, you need to execute a thorough flea extermination plan. In order to ensure you have killed all the fleas in your home you will need to use flea foggers and flea bombs, which releases toxic chemicals that penetrate into even difficult to reach nook and crevasses to kill all fleas. Due to their lethal nature, you will need to get your dog and children out of the house while you fumigate the house. You will need about three to four days to fully complete the entire cleaning. However, if you fell that this is too much work, there is always the professional cleaners most of whom as well versed with flea extermination as well.

Dog Flea Treatment with Flea Killers

Currently there a few proven and effective flea killers in the market, namely Frontline, Advantage, Raid, Revolution, Sentinel. These brands carry a wide range of pet flea control medication and extermination programs which are popular with pet owners. The reason of their popularity is that they are effective in three separate stages of the infestation cycle which involves both your home and dog.
After application of the dog flea treatment, the flea which bites your dog will be directly infected by the flea killers and not be able to breed, hence cutting the vicious fleas life cycle. At the same time, the medication gets “viral” as the infected fleas poisons its own kind when they come in contact with each other, stalling their fleas life cycle as well as killing them in the process. And the final stage is of course the death of the original fleas. Hence these flea killers essentially turn the original fleas into serial killers, killing their own kind as well as themselves eventually.
For grooming purposes and dog flea control, flea shampoos and high tech designed flea combs are a must for fast relief from a quick dog shower. A dog flea collar helps too. It is important to note, however, that when purchasing over the counter dog flea medication and flea killers, read the instructions as some might prove to be lethal to pets.

Preventing Re-Infestation

Once you have fumigated the house, you need to clean up. Vacuuming every corner and crack in your home is the first step. Immediately dispose of the vacuum bags once your task is completed. My advice is to burn them whenever possible and this will ensure that no living fleas or eggs are left to breed again. Then use hot water and disinfectant to thoroughly mop the flooring, all furniture and surfaces, also killing off all possible live fleas. Wash all drapes and curtains and your dog bedding. There are natural substances that fleas shun away from, like cedar wood and you could strategically put them around your home, especially at the front and back entrances, near window sills etc. This should keep fleas away.
As fleas pupae can hibernate for up to two and half years, you will need to continue with this routine, albeit on a less regular basis to prevent yet another unfortunate flea infestation on your hands.

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