Flea Removal – Tested And Proven Home Remedies Pet Flea Control

It might shock you to know that in this new age of medical advancement, we are in actuality ridden with pesticides and lethal toxic chemicals which pass off as pet flea control medication. We live in a new era of quick fixes, and demand fast action to get rid of unwanted parasites. This article here serves as a wake up call that overuse of them could cause more harm than good for your pets. Pet fleas is a natural course of life for both your family and pets. As pet owners, we should adopt and broader and longer term perspective when dealing with this issue of flea removal.
It is your own judgment call whether to totally believe in the manufacturer instructions on the countless medicated flea shampoos, and tablets, foggers that are in the market. It is without doubt that they do work, and work fast too. But with the lethal amount of toxins in them, there is no wonder that they do work well. The aftermath of the cures could result in side effects that are irreversible at times. There are simple home remedies that could help you with flea extermination, albeit at a slower pace but does not affect the longevity of your pet.
Take for instance, instead of using harsh medicated flea shampoos, you could simply bath your pet with home bathing soup which serves the purpose well enough for washing away and drowning the parasites. Coupled with a good flea comb, your pet could enjoy relief until its next bath. Bathe it twice a day for better effect and hygiene reasons.
All beddings, couch covers, blankets, rugs should be regularly washed. Simply use laundry detergent coupled with hot water and let your washing machine do the rest of the work. Just make sure that the detergent and water mixture fully cover your laundry for full effect. Remember to run one empty washing cycle to thoroughly clean away all the parasite carcasses before you do the family laundry.
Carpets are the most tricky part of the cleaning process. The advise is that as much as possible avoid using them in times of flea infestation. But if you must have them, vacuum thoroughly, get rid of the vacuum bag immediately after use by putting it into an airtight plastic bag before discarding. Soak the carpets in laundry detergent, and let it set for a few hours before washing.
To ensure that you get the most out of your home remedies for pet flea control, be consistent with your daily house cleaning and bath your pets twice a day. Remember, your family and pet can achieve total flea extermination eventually and still enjoy toxin free environment.

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