Good Start For Tomatoes

Planting is easy with peat pots. A hole can be dug and the plant placed and the soil used to cover the plant without taking the plant from the pot. Further, the sides of pea pot, which stand above potting mix, should be cut off otherwise peat pots dry quickly than the soil surrounding it and makes the plant suffer due to thirst. Tomatoes should be treated as kids and given lot of manure in the form of compost for the soil by giving a before time boost of fertilizer during planting time.
Tomatoes have long root system which goes all the way up the stem so while planting them the stems are planted inside after removing the leaves which will encourage disease by rotting inside the soil.
To make the fresh plant well established in the soil lot of water should be given as young plants dry out more quickly.
Two basic varieties of tomatoes are available they are indeterminate and determinate. Bush tomatoes or determinate tomatoes grow to nearly maximum before it starts blooming and give fruits. Indeterminate tomatoes remain growing even after blooming; hence the plants grow to a height of nearly six feet tall. Indeterminate tomatoes should be staked so that they stand erect. It helps the plants to stay healthy and harvesting the fruits easily.
Tomatoes can be planted in containers. Huge containers can be filled with potting mix of high quality give protection to the plant from fungal disease. Using big container lessens the watering period.
Using mulch is very nice for your garden. University researches have shown that using red and plastic mulch will make the tomato plant produce more fruits. It has been proved that the production has been augmented by twenty percent by red mulch. Further, red mulch protects the soil from becoming dry and prevents weeds.
The young vegetables may be attacked by cut worms. By giving a corner of newspaper tomatoes can be protected. A tin can with no bottom and top can be sunk into soil around the plant to create a barrier to force the cutworm to go elsewhere for dinner.
Many devices can be used to protect the tomatoes from cold to make the tomatoes grow faster in the growing season. A cloche can be made from a milk jug by cutting the base of jug and keeping it over the tomato plant. By leaving the top of the jug open cloche stays cool during sunny season.

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