How To Raise Hale And Hearty Tomatoes In Your Garden

Though tomatoes are grown widely, they also create lots of problem in the cultivation. Array of diseases and pests do violence to tomatoes and ruin them just previous to your harvest. Here are some ideas that are sure to help you.

Good Conditions For Growing

Tomatoes grow best naturally when there is good sunshine and soil that could be well-drained. They are more horizontal to the disease when you plant those plants in shade place or in clay soil. You need to plant the tomatoes foliage in different area in the garden every year as a disease may be there in the earth.

Put An End For Building Up Disease In The Garden Soil

In case, if your garden soil is not a rich one and if you do not hold that much place to cultivate this crop in a different place every year, you could undertake cultivating tomatoes in containers. Many of the tomatoes could grow well in the big containers filled with mix, formulated for the plants that could be grown in containers. Strictly, you have to grow them in huge containers; it must be at least twelve inches in width. There are some varieties that could be grown up to six feet high.

Fix The Varieties That Suit Your Location

There are huge varieties of tomatoes that could be cultivated, each one best suits for different regions. For instance, University of Florida made a release of varieties like ‘Solar Set’ that gives huge yield during the hot and humid seasons. ‘Northern Delight’ is the variety that gives outstanding quality and it do well in short-season regions. You could get advice from your local experts like your region extension agent. You could also get ride of diseases by choosing the varieties that has the ability to stand firm against disease.

Take Good Care Of Them

If the environment for growing is worrying, plants become weak and roots ways for disease. Therefore, see to that you provide adequate water for the tomato plants during the drought periods. To avoid the competition from wild plant you could spread mulch for 2 inches above the surface of the soil. Moreover, mulch could also avoid diseases attacking the plants from the soil.
When the plants remain wet, fungal diseases could be caused, so it is better to water the plants with drip irrigation or soaker hose as an alternative of spray nozzle or sprinkler. Water your plant ahead of noon so that the water gets drained before the air gets cool at night.
If your fruits get cracks, the trouble is due to over nutrients and water. Stop watering them and add little fertilizer. Select the variety that is a resistant to cracking. If your fruits get dark and dry spots at the end, it may be due to dry conditions. In such a situation water them adequately.

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