Pet Flea Control – Key Effective Methods of Flea Extermination

Fleas are the number one health threats to dogs, cats or birds or any furry coated pets for that matter. They have an endless appetite for blood, which they suck from your pets and procreate at an astoundingly shameless speed, capable of laying 50 eggs per day. Here you will learn about the key most effective methods of Flea Extermination.Flea Removal
The unsuspecting pet or child would then suffer for two weeks with each single flea bite. This makes their victims susceptible to the many illnesses that it may cause, namely Flea Allergy Dermatitis, or more commonly known as FAD. Statistics from pet allergy specialists showed that 40% of all pet could suffer from FAD, arising from an allergic reaction to one of the antigen of the flea saliva.
If you are undergoing a flea infestation, you would probably understand the exasperation and long painful task of trying to get rid of all fleas in one sweep. It is critical to note that it is not an achievable task over a short period of time, but a long drawn battle until the last flea has fallen!
For a complete pet flea control plan, you are advised to first sound out your vet to find out your various options and approaches you could adopt. Your vet would be able to guide you and arm you with the most appropriate “weapons” for your battle of flea extermination. Note that no one approaches recommended would be effective, as the lethal result of the methods when used in combination.
Keep cleaning your home, every dog or cat house, couch, sofa, carpet, bedding, linen, drapes. You need to thoroughly vacuum your place. Better still use a power pressure washer to clean out the exterior, porch, patio, deck, deck furniture, and use a steam pressure washer to clean your drapes, carpets and even your window and door nets. Get the bedding free from hidden eggs by washing them thoroughly. Leave nothing unturned. Be more thorough than your spring cleaning. Mop and sweep all tiles, marble and vinyl floors.Pet Flea Control
Flea bombs or flea foggers placed at certain areas of the house ensures that even your nook and crevasses will not be spared. If you are overwhelmed with the cleaning, enlist the help of a professional cleaner to get rid of all the junk in your garage and yard.

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