Using Capstar Flea Control to Treat Your Pets

Capstar flea control is a very useful product and it has many advantages, but it also has its limitations. Capstar isn’t worth buying if you haven’t read up on what it does and what it doesn’t do. For what the product does it is highly effective, but people who buy it are often unaware that it is not a complete flea solution. Combining Capstar with another dog flea treatment is necessary to cure a dog of severe problems, because of the way the product works and which fleas it kills.
The flea control is used only to kill adult fleas and has no effect against fleas in the larvae state. The advantage though is that this treatment will kill all of the fleas much faster than any other product on the market. A second medication is needed to stop the growth of fleas and kill off any eggs that are left in the dog’s environment that could potentially grow into adulthood and re-infest the dog; this is where the majority of complaints about the medication come from. People who don’t understand how it works, fail to follow it up with the second treatment, and are flabbergasted when their pet has fleas again. Cleaning the dog’s environment after applying the treatment is crucial to get rid of any eggs or flea larvae that could be hanging around.
Capstar for dogs is well received in shelters, clinics, and other rescue programs, because it will kill off all the fleas currently on the dog and the buildings are clean of flea eggs so there is no danger of the flea infestation occurring again. The age range that the treatment is available is also a benefit. Capstar can be given to dogs and cats that are only 4 weeks old, while most treatments are not available until the 6-8 week time period. The ability to treat early is so crucial when it comes to abandoned animals.
As with any medication or treatment that you are giving your animal, reading and understanding the instructions on the product is vital. You will find that Capstar flea control is extremely effective at getting the job done, but you can’t expect it to do things that it isn’t designed for. Currently it is the most effective product on the market and works in half the time of most of its competitors, which is very important for the more serious flea infestations.

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