Using Capstar: The Pros and Cons

Capstar is a brand of flea killing product that has been deemed a miracle by pet owners. Its active ingredient, Nitenpryram, works by damaging neurotransmitters in the fleas’ brains. It works quickly and provides very effective, side effect free relief from flea infestation. There are both advantages and disadvantages to administering this medication to your beloved pet.
Capstar flea control medication starts working in as little as 20 minutes and kills off all fleas on your canine or feline friend in just five hours. It can be used in conjunction with other flea management products such as collars, powders, dips, shampoos, or topical medication. The active ingredient doesn’t remain in your pet’s blood stream for very long, so you can even use it daily to give an animal relief from flea bites and irritation.
Those with children and other pets will appreciate the fact that this product is ingested only by the affected animal. There is no danger of a child or additional pet being exposed to a dangerous chemical or poison.
Additional circumstances will help you decide if Capstar is the right choice for you. If you have a flea infestation inside your home or on your outdoor property, you should use additional flea prevention and management methods in conjunction with Capstar. Remember, this medicine is designed to provide your pet short term relief from flea trouble. If more fleas reach your pet’s body after the medication has worn off, they can still cause discomfort.
If you’ve just seen a few fleas in your pet’s coat and can’t find any in your furniture, carpeting, or bedding, there is a chance that a single dose of Capstar flea control will take care of the problem, as it is one of the most effective dog flea treatment products on the market.
There are only a couple of disadvantages to Capstar. One is that it only kills the fleas that are currently on your pet. More could jump on at any time so it is important to have an alternate flea control method in mind.
Secondly, to get a lasting result during a heavy infestation, you’ll have to administer the medication on a daily basis. This may be too costly for many pet owners, and many dogs don’t take pills easily.

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